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Quality of life.

There's too much partying in Alidhem which drastically lower the quality of life. For example when you wish to sleep you can often hear the music played by a neighbour clearly no matter if it's in your dorm, above or below. I, and others, would enjoy it if the exessive partying stayed in the clubs and didn't disturb those who are trying to be serious about their studies. I'm amazed of how many students seem to think it's ok to throw a party with complete disregard to others in their rooms and on top of that act in both a disgraceful manner as well as being disrespectful when you politely ask them to lower the volume. Strangely enough the police seems to laugh it off as they give the image of thinking it's the person calling them's fault for being a student and living in a student area. I wish to remain anonymous if this is to be shown to the public in any way and as a foreign student I'm surprised that swedish people let this terrible behaviour off with a laugh.
Anonymous 2 juni 2010 16:56
Thanks for your response! I understand that this is a big problem. The quality of life that you are talking about is linked to sustainability in a wider sense of the word. What would in your opinion be the best solution to this problem? I will take your opinion with me and hopefully we can solve the problem, one way or the other. Best regards /Carl

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