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Laundrybooking via Internet

As of 2008 you are able to book the laundry room through your personal page on our website, if you live in an area that offers web-based booking. You are able to book the laundry room regardless of Internet supplier.

How to book the laundry room over the Internet:

1. Log on to your personal page.

2. Click on "Book laundry".

Please note that you must have a tenancy agreement at Bostaden as well as username and password to your personal page to be able to use the service.

If two tenants have signed the contract, only the first holder of the contract is able to book over the internet.

You are able to book the laundry room up to eight times every month. Please note that if you have booked the laundry room without using it, this is still included in the monthly ratio. The booking portal/boards outside the laundry room work in the same way as before. 

The following areas have web based laundry room booking 

Geografigränd 2–20
Kandidatvägen 1–17
Laboratorvägen 3–9
Mariehemsvägen 5 D–F
Mariehemsvägen 7 A–E
Mariehemsvägen 21 A, B, J
Magistervägen 1–9
Rullstensgatan 4, 6, 8, 10
Rågången 9–23
Språkgränd 1–41
Strombergs väg
Teaterallén 2–104
Ystarvägen 135–141
Ankargränd 3, 7, 9, 11
Storgatan 118–124
Skolgatan 2 C–D
Hoppets gränd 24

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