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Search for your national apartment number

If you live in a building with atleast two apartments where everyone have got the same address, you will receive a letter from Skatteverket (the Tax office) with a request for the national apartment number of your rental apartment. The number will be used to count the population and housing census and is carried out by the Statistics Central Bureau.

Please note that this do not apply if you have your own address and do not share the address with anyone else. If so, please state 1001 if you live on the ground floor and if you live on the upper floor, please state 1101.

In order to get your apartment number you must look for the number that is located on the outside of your apartment door. This number is composed of 13 characters. It is a so-called object number and not the same as your national apartment number.

For example: 2603001020001

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Enter the number on your door below without space and press Send. This will bring your four-digit apartment number that you must provide to Skatteverket (the Tax Office).

Any questions?

Please contact your area landlord or the Bostaden Customer Service Centre on phone number 090-17 77 00.

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