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Visitor parking spaces

Starting in January 2016, all of our parking spaces that have not been pre-booked will be converted into chargeable parking spaces. This work is expected to be completed at the end of 2016. This means that your visitors have to pay a parking fee using the app Parkster, or by text message.

How to pay

With the Parkster app, which can be downloaded free of charge to your Iphone or Android device, or by text message.

Read more about how to pay in this folder (in English).

You can also find out more at the Parkster website (in Swedish) or Upab's website.

If you do not have a mobile phone, or if you have a Windows phone, you can go to this website to create an account. There are also clear instructions on the signs by the parking area.

You can register several different cars in the Parkster app so if you want to you can make your visitors feel especially welcome by paying their parking fee. You can also pay your visitors' parking fees by text message.


What it costs to park

In the central residential areas west and East in the city, Haga (up to Parkvägen/Hissjövägen), Berghem, Tvistevägen and Kuratorvägen, it costs SEK 7/day on weekdays 9 am to 7 pm and Saturdays 9 am to 7 pm. Other times SEK 4/hour or SEK 40/day. In all other areas the cost is SEK 4/hour every day 00:00–24:00 or SEK 30/day. You can see the exact fees on the signs by the parking areas.


If you have parking related questions, contact us

For questions regarding parking and parking spaces where you live, please contact Bostaden or Umeå parking company, Upab.

Contact your area landlord

  • If someone is parked within the area in other spaces than regular parking spaces – they may have a permit.

Contact Bostaden's customer service centre

  • If you want to rent a car parking space.

Contact your area landlord or Upab

  • If someone has parked in your parking space. The area landlord can be contacted during office hours. Upab can be reached at 090-16 15 50. After office hours you can leave Upab a message.



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