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Payment of rent

It is of course very important to pay your rent on time. We do not issue you with a reminder if we do not receive your rent, which means that the rental debt becomes a debt recovery case if you fail to pay. If you do not pay your rent on time you may incur extra charges and you risk losing your home.

This is how to pay your rent:

  • Always pay your rent in advance, i.e. your rent for February must be paid in January.
  • You must always pay your rent at the latest on the final working day before the beginning of each new month.
  • It takes two banking days for money drawn from your account to be registered with us.
  • If you pay your rent too late you will be issued with a debt recovery demand, which means that you must pay a debt recovery fee in addition to your next rent.


How you receive your rent notice

We issue notices around the 15th of every month, which means that the rent notice will arrive at your home about ten days before the due date. If you pay by electronic invoice, the notice is sent to your online bank. You can find all the details of your rent by logging into your personal page and clicking on the heading Rent notice details. If you have more than one agreement with us, the rent for these will be combined on one invoice so that you avoid having several different notices.


Different ways of paying the rent

There are a number of different ways of paying the rent, and you decide which one you prefer. You can find information about the different ways via the links below.

Paying your rent by electronic invoice

Paying your rent by direct debit (autogiro)

Paying your rent manually

Payments from abroad


Rental payment if you live in a student room (dormitory)

The annual rent is divided into ten months. You do not have to pay any rent during June and July.


Rental payment if you are about to move in

Before we can issue the keys, you must have made your first rental payment. Bring the receipt to show that you have made your first rental payment to your area landlord when it is time for you to move in. A tip: It can be a good idea to make your first rental payment manually, so that the rent is paid before the first due date and before the date on which you move in.


Rental payment for those who rent a car parking space or garage in new production

If you live in a newly built house you pay the rent to AB Bostaden or AB Lokalen, depending on what address you live on. The rent for car parking space or garage (in new production) should on the other hand be paid to AB Bostaden Parkering that has its own bank giro number: 5197-6751.

In other words, you will get two different rent notices with different payment information - one for your apartment and one for your car parking space or garage. It is very important that you pay to the correct number.

Addresses that belong to AB Lokalen

Addresses that belong to AB Bostaden Parkering


Rental payment if you want to move out early

If you have paid rent for the current month and the new tenant wants to move in earlier, we will refund the excess amount If you have direct debit (autogiro) and a new tenant is going to move into your apartment at the next turn of the month, you must instruct your bank to stop the direct debit.

If you have any questions about your rental payment or refund, please feel free to contact Bostaden’s customer centre on 090-17 77 00.


Rent setting fee

The Tenants’ Association negotiates the rent for all tenants (even those who are not members of the Tenants’ Association), and everyone therefore pays a fee to the association in accordance with the Swedish Rent Negotiation Act. We at Bostaden have agreed with the Tenants’ Association to charge a rent setting fee of SEK 12 per month per apartment. The fee for single rooms is SEK 4 per month. The fee, which is itemised on your rent notice, goes directly to the Tenants’ Association.

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