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Moving in


Read our folder before moving in: Welcome home

You can always contact your area landlord

Your Area Landlord is the person you contact when you have questions, want to report a problem or for any other matters related to your home. You can get in contact with your Area Landlord via telephone, e-mail or by leaving a message in his or her letterbox. Contact information can be found on your personal page. The Area Landlords usually work between 7.30 am and 4.30 pm (lunch 12 noon–1 pm).

Keys to the flat

When moving in, collect the keys from your Area Landlord. Contact your Area Landlord in beforehand, to agree on a time when he or she is at the local office. It is possible to pick up the keys Monday through Friday 7.30 am to 12 noon, 1 pm to 4.30 pm. 

NB! To be able to get your keys, you must have paid your first rent, your contract must be signed and you must bring identification (e.g. passport or drivers licence).

Moving in earlier

To be able to rewrite the contract to apply from an earlier date, we need a power of attorney from the departing tenant. This also applies when it is stated that the flat might be available or empty on an earlier date. Therefore, you must get in touch with the departing tenant and ask him or her to send us a power of attorney.

NB! We only rewrite contracts to apply from the 1st or 15th of the month. When we have received the power of attorney, you can contact us to rewrite the contract.

Moving in on a Saturday

If the 1 st of the month is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, you cannot move in before the coming weekday at 12 noon.

Emergencies outside of the Area Landlord's working hours

When serious faults occur after office hours or during weekends or public holidays, please contact our helpline at 090-14 26 10. In the event of fire, accident, burglary and suchlike, call the usual emergency number 112.

Please help us care for the environment

We would like to see all our tenants recycle. Most of our waste rooms therefore have waste separation. Just follow the instructions in the waste room and make sure you sort your waste right.

The Bostaden card

The Bostaden Card gives you special offers on products and services. You receive the Bostaden Card from your area landlord when you collect the keys to your room or apartment. Find out more about our current Bostaden Card offers.

You can receive the offers by SMS or e-mail. Sign up on your personal page.

Changes in your flat?

There are some things you can do yourself in your flat, such as putting up new wallpaper, but only if the result is of a ’craftsmanlike standard’. You may not make any major changes and should absolutely not change anything related to electricity, water, heating or ventilation. Always speak to your area landlord before you start.

Do you know that we have an online store, were you can easily order wallpaper and other things for your apartment? Visit our online store Hemmafint

NB! Optional extra equipment is not available for student housing.

Get yourself insured

A home insurance will provide financial security if you or anyone else cause a damage in your flat. You and your belongings are not insured through Bostaden. But as our tenant, Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten will give you a discount on the entire insurance premium, regardless of whether you take out home insurance or whether you fall into the age group that entitles you to a young person’s home insurance policy. In addition to an excellent rate, the insurance policy includes a very comprehensive insurance protection. Find out more about the insurance

Ordering broadband

In our open network, Bostnet, you are able to choose between several providers and services such as Internet and IP telephone services. Find out more and order today

Pests in the flat

You call our contracted pest controller, Nomor, at 0771-12 23 00, for further information.

Grid access

The power grid access during your period of tenancy will automatically be provided by Umeå Energi.

Choose electricity supplier

It is free for you to choose the supplier of electricity, unless electricity is not included in the rent. Umeå Energi will automatically provide electricity unless you choose another supplier.

Notification of a move

When you move you have to make an address change notification to the Tax Agency, so that you become registered at your new address. There is no charge for making an address change notification, and the easiest way to do it is with your E-ID, such as Mobile BankID, on the Tax Agency's website. Find out more on the Tax Agency website

Change your address

Let people know that you have moved and make sure your mail is being forwarded to your new address. Contact Adressändring at 020-97 98 99 or visit their website. Please note that changing your address with Adressändring does not mean that you are registered at your new address with the Tax Agency. 

My personal page

Registration possible from the year you turn 16 years


Telephone exchange

Phone: 090-17 75 00

Area Landlords

Contact list

Customer Service Centre

E-mail: Kundcenter
Phone: 090-17 77 00

Phone hours, Customer Service Centre

Monday–Friday 8 am–12 noon

Visiting hours

Monday–Thursday 9 am–4.30pm
Fridays 9 am–3 pm
Closed 12 noon–1 pm


Visit: Östra Kyrkogatan 2,
Moritzska gården
Mail: Box 244, 901 06 Umeå.

Broadband support

090-17 77 17

Emergency number

If serious faults occur after office hours or during weekends, please call 090-14 26 10.

In the event of fire, accidents or burglary, please call 112.

To receive or give information regarding accidents or crises, please call 113 13