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Laundry room

Washing machines 

You share the laundry room with your neighbours and together you are supposed to take care of. It makes it more pleasant to use.

In all of Bostaden's laundry rooms you as a tenant must make sure it is clean and tidy after you have finished doing your laundry.

Once you have used the laundry room, make sure to

  • wipe the machines and rinse the detergent trays
  • wipe dryers and benches
  • remove the fluff from the tumble drier filter after you have finished
  • sweep and mop the floors in the laundry room (you have to bring your own cleansers but other cleaning tools, like mop, bucket and cloth will be provided by Bostaden)
  • not leave clothes or empty detergent packages in the laundry room. Make sure to put all things that are to be recycled in the refuse room/recycling house. 


Important things to remember about booking

  • Respect other peoples booked laundry times.
  • You may only book one laundry time at a time. After you are finished with your laundry, you are able to book another occasion.
  • When you are done with your laundry, the machines should be emptied and ready to use for the next tenant.
  • When the power is switched off in the evening, the machines will stop and you are not able to pick up your clothes.
  • You can dry your laundry one hour after the end of the laundry time. That does not apply to laundry rooms that you book electronically.

Remember that others who use the laundry room may be allergic

  • No pets are allowed in the laundry rooms.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the laundry rooms.

Thank you for helping us create more pleasant laundry rooms!

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Mejla: Kundcenter
Ring: 090-17 77 00


Ring: 090-17 75 00




Besök: Östra Kyrkogatan 2,
Moritzska gården
Post: Box 244, 901 06 Umeå


Måndag–fredag 08.00–12.00


Måndag–torsdag 9.00–16.30
Fredag 9.00–15.00
Lunchstängt 12–13


Vid allvarliga fel som inträffar efter kontorstid eller under helger ring 090-14 26 10.
Vid brand, olyckor eller inbrott ring 112.

För att få eller lämna information om olyckor eller kriser, ring 113 13.