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Bostaden's open network

In 2008 we rebuilt our broadband net to be able to offer our customers an open network. This means that you are able to choose between a number of providers and different broadband services such as Internet and IP telephony. NB: This applies to most of Bostaden's properties in Umeå – apart from Bullmark, Ersmark, Holmsund, Innertavle, Obbola and Sävar.

Where can I find current providers and read more about prices and contracts?

Visit for information about current suppliers and to get a general view of the selection of our services. You will for instance find information about prices and conditions and can easily order your broadband service.

I have a problem connecting to the open net of Bostaden, where can I get help?

Please call or send an e-mail to the Bostnet customer support.
Telephone number: 090-17 77 17, e-mail:




Telephone exchange

Phone: 090-17 75 00

Area Landlords

Contact list

Customer service centre

E-mail: Kundcenter
Phone: 090-17 77 00

Phone hours, Customer service centre

Monday, Wednesday
and Fridays 9am–3pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am–12 noon

Visiting hours

Monday–Thursday 9am–4.30pm
Fridays 9am–3pm
Closed 12 noon–1pm


Visit: Östra Kyrkogatan 2,
Moritzska gården
Mail: Box 244, 901 06 Umeå.

Broadband support

090-17 77 17

Emergency number

If serious faults occur after office hours or during weekends, please call 090-14 26 10.

In the event of fire, accidents or burglary, please call 112.

To receive or give information regarding accidents or crises, please call 113 13