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HLU, tenant-driven apartment maintenance, means that you can decide for yourself when and if you want your apartment to be renovated.

How it works:

  • If you want maintenance before the set date, you will have to pay a fee
  • If you want maintenance when it is time, we will do this without extra cost
  • If you choose not to get maintenance when it is time, you will get a discount

On your personal page you are able to see the status of your apartment, that is when it has been renovated and when it is time to do it again.

HLU does not apply if you live in a single room/one-room apartment. We renovate those when a tenant is moving in or out after consulting the area landlord.

Maintenance at predetermined intervals

We renovate the apartments according to predetermined times. For example we repaper the walls once every twelve years. This is the renovation you are able to decide about:

Type of maintenance Normally done
Painting and repapering every twelve years
Spray painting of kitchen cabinet doors every twelve years
Replacement of white goods (freezer and refrigerator) every seventeen years
Replacement of plastic floors* every twenty years
*From January 1, 2013, Bostaden switched to put linoleum flooring instead of plastic flooring as part of our environmental work.

Once you have decided to renovate your apartment, please contact your area landlord and she or he will show you what type of wallpapers, vinyl flooring and colours of kitchen cabinet doors you can choose from.

Turn down maintenance and get a discount

If you choose not to renovate your apaartment when it is time, you will get a discount on the rent for April the following year. You get the discount automatically.

Here is an example: If you choose not to repaint or repaper your bedroom that is supposed to be renovated in 2010, you will get the discount in 2011.

Single rooms/one room apartments are not included in the discount. That also applies for companies and schools.

Get maintenance with no additional cost

If the white goods (freezer and refrigerator) has not been replaced for 17 years it is time to replace them and we will do that with no extra cost.

If you want maintenance before it is time 

If you for instance want to paint or repaper and it is three years away in time, you can pay a sum of money and get the maintenance done. The cost depends on when the maintenance was done last.

Here is an example: You want to repaper a room that is not supposed to be repapered until three years away. We normally repaper every 12 years and the total cost is SEK 1200. The total cost is divided between 12 years so if you want to repaper when 3 years remain until we repaper according to the predetermined times, you will have to pay SEK 100 per year a total of SEK 300.


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