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Fix the most common faults yourself

There are many things you can do to prevent faults from occurring. Some of the most common faults, you can fix yourself. Here is some advice.

In the bathroom

  • Check the strainer and the water trap in the washbasin before you report a stoppage.
  • Remove hair and suchlike on and under the floor drain before reporting a stoppage. In most cases it is possible to open the bottom of the floor drain, or lift it up, to be able to remove for instance tufts of hair .
  • If the water drains poorly, use a plunger to pump the valve of the plughole. You can also use a knitting needle to clean the drain of your washbasin.
  • To avoid destroying the sewage pipes and the environment you must not use caustic soda in the drains.
  • To avoid stoppage in the drain you must not flush sanitary articles down the toilet.

In the kitchen

  • If you want your kitchen ventilator to work as good as possible you should clean the cooker hood filter at least once a month. You can put the filter in a roasting pan with hot water and washing up liquid over night and then rinse thoroughly.
  • To avoid stoppage in the sink you must not throw coffee grounds or cooking oil down the sink.


  • If the current is not working you should check the fuses first, before you fault report.
  • If your lamps does not work you should check that the ceiling light contact is correctly connected. If there are three holes, it could be turned the wrong way round. You should also check bulbs and strip lights. Always change both the strip light and the glow switch before you fault report.
  • To avoid having material that is harmful to the environment in your refuse bin, you should bring the old strip light and the glow switch to the recycling centre or environmental station so that it gets to the right place right away. Strip lights must not be thrown in the bin, since they are harmful to the environment.


  • If the espagnolettes or the balcony door locks are stiff you can oil them with 5:56, sewing machine oil or similar.



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