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Fire safety

Flicka som blåser ut ljus 

All of our apartments are equipped with fire blankets and smoke alarms with batteries that last for ten years. And to minimize the risks of a fire spreading to an entire house, each apartment acts as a fire cell. This means that you are protected in the apartment for at least an hour – even if there is a fire outside.


Checklist – how to avoid a fire

  • Test that the battery in the smoke alarm works by pressing the test button.
  • Make sure everyone in the family knows where the fire blanket is located and how to use it.
  • Never leave candles unattended and place them firmly so that they cannot tip over. Always use heat-resistant light holders.
  • Avoid leaving the stove when cooking. Regularly clean the fan and fan filter.
  • Make sure electrical cables are intact and avoid extension cables as far as possible.
  • If you are having a barbecue, take care of the ashes – it can glow for several days and should not be thrown in the garbage until you are sure it is off. Instead, store it in a special tin bucket with a lid.
  • Do not barbecue on the balcony as it increases the risk of fire.
  • Do not put anything combustible in the stairwell, such as strollers, magazines and cardboard boxes. The stairwell is an important escape route and a fire there can have serious consequences.
  • Keeping the attic, basement and garage locked – locked doors reduce the risk of fires.


Protect yourself against fire


In case of fire – save, warn, alarm, extinguish!


Save yourself and other people who are in danger in your vicinity first. When it burns, the safest escape route is always at the bottom of the floor. There the air is most oxygen rich. It is also very important to close all doors (and even windows if you can) after you. Never go out in a smoky stairwell! Is it burning with someone else and the stairwell is smoky - stay in your apartment! Alarm 112. The emergency services will help you out.


The next step is to alert everyone who is near the fire so that they too have a chance to get out well in advance. For example, it might be that you shout "THERE IS A FIRE!" Or that you bang on all the doors in your staircase.


Then you should call 112. There, the alarm operator will tell you more about how to proceed. It is only now that the fire brigade is moving out.


Only after you have completed the first three points can you try to extinguish. It is very important that you do not risk your own life when trying to put out the fire. Keep in mind that the smoke is very toxic and low in oxygen.


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