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Area landlord

You have a personal area landlord – a person that you can turn to whenever you have questions about your tenancy or want to report a problem.

You can reach your area landlord by telephone or e-mail. Normal working hours for your area landlord are Monday-Friday 7.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. (lunch 12 noon –1 p.m.).

Click on the letter that your address begins with to find contact information for your area landlord or use the search box below.

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As of Wednesday 25th March and for approximately two weeks, you will not be able to log on to the personal page. Find out more


Telephone exchange

Phone: 090-17 75 00

Area Landlords

Contact list

Customer Service Centre

E-mail: Kundcenter
Phone: 090-17 77 00

Phone hours, Customer Service Centre

Monday–Friday 8 am–12 noon

Visiting hours

Monday–Thursday 9 am–4.30pm
Fridays 9 am–3 pm
Closed 12 noon–1 pm

If you intend to visit us

Due to the spread of the Corona virus, we ask you who have respiratory problems, fever or cough not to visit our Customer Service Centre or our other offices.


Visit: Östra Kyrkogatan 2,
Moritzska gården
Mail: Box 244, 901 06 Umeå.

Broadband support

090-17 77 17

Emergency number

If serious faults occur after office hours or during weekends, please call 090-14 26 10.

In the event of fire, accidents or burglary, please call 112.

To receive or give information regarding accidents or crises, please call 113 13