The Winter Garden

Vinterträdgården på nya Geografigränd, Ålidhem 

As part of the Sustainable Ålidhem project, Bostaden has built a Winter Garden on the new Geografigränd. The Winter Garden was opened in September 2012.

Leaflet about the winter garden (in Swedish)

Inside the Winter Garden

A fully-equipped kitchen, coffee vending-machine, moveable plants, and table and chairs for around 50 guests. The building is also equipped with a TV, projector, three different roll-up screens that can be used to project images and function as a TV, sound system, blackout blinds and audio induction loop.

During the sunny season, all electricity will be supplied via PV-cells.

What materials have been used?

Durable slate flooring, noise-reducing walls, and furring in pine and spruce.

How large is the Winter Garden?

Approx. 150 m2, with seating space for 40–50 guests. The maximum capacity is 80.

Can tenants use the Winter Garden?

Yes, everyone living in the area should be able to use the premises in the same way as the previous one which burnt down. The Winter Garden will also be used for ”Technical Visits” with viewings of ”Sustainable Ålidhem”, as well as for small cultural events or talks.

At what times can I book the Winter Garden?

The Winter Garden can be booked Friday between 5pm and 11pm, Saturday between 8am and 11pm and Sunday between 8am and 11pm.

I'm interested in booking the Winter Garden. What do I do?

You are most welcome to contact Peter Lagerqvist, Area Landlord, on 070-324 27 28 or 

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Drawings of the Winter Garden's exterior

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