Photovoltaic cells

The project Sustainable Ålidhem is a collaboration between Bostaden, Umeå Energi and Umeå municipality, and entails rebuilding the suburb of Ålidhem in order to make it safer, more pleasant and more energy-efficient. As part of the project, PV-cells are installed on the buildings along Matematikgränd and Geografigränd. When construction is complete in 2014, 2,800 m2 of PV-cells will be in place in Ålidhem.

Matematikgränd 9 was the first to have PV-cells on its roof. The panels are west-facing and have a total surface area of 127 m2. They have produced five times the amount of electricity consumed by the property. The buildings now in line to have PV-cells installed, however, have a higher energy consumption than the panels are estimated to produce.

A solar-powered Winter Garden

On the new Geografigränd, one of the buildings will have 135 m2 of south-facing PV-cells, estimated to provide 12,000 kWh/year. The panels on Geografigränd 2 (the "New Geografigränd") will supply the Winter Garden with electricity, though not for heating. Any surplus can be utilised in real-time, which the other buildings on Geografigränd 2 can then benefit from.

Twelve houses on Matematikgränd to be fitted with PV-cells

A total of 12 houses on Matematikgränd will have PV-cells fitted on their roofs in connection with their renovation during the period 2012-2014. They are estimated to produce an approximate total of 280,000 kWh/year. This is equivalent to 11 electrically heated homes, 35 laps around the world with an electric car or the annual consumption of 1400 computers.

Solcellsanläggning på Matematikgränd

The PV-cells on Matematikgränd