Investment in renovation

As part of the Sustainable Ålidhem project, extensive renovation will be carried out on the properties on Matematikgränd and Geografigränd, which were built under the Million Homes Programme (miljonprogrammet). The investment covers over 500 apartments, 140 of which are new low-energy apartments.

We began work with the renovation of one of the buildings on Matematikgränd; the 'pilot building' that you see in the image below. The investments made there were compared with a reference building, following which the remaining properties were also renovated.

Matematikgränd 9 - Pilothuset

Progress update: the pilot building on Matematikgränd

  • Extensive work has been carried out in order to reduce energy consumption in the pilot building. This included replacing the flat roofs with hip roofs; see the image below. The idea behind this was to have space for more insulation and a new, modern ventilation system, and to allow for the installation of PV-cells on the roof.
  • We have furnished the apartments internally with supplementary insulation.
  • We have built a new heating system and installed new kitchen extractor fans.
  • We have installed new energy-efficient windows and put it a new water system for individual metering.
  • We have painted and freshened up the stairwells.
  • We have installed PV-cells on the roof.
  • We have put in new apartment front doors.

Apart from the internal work, we have also carried out a lot of exterior work, in the courtyard.

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