Sustainable Ålidhem covers all of Ålidhem and will continue through to the back end of 2014. Bostaden, Umeå municipality and Umeå Energi have received SEK 33 million from the Delegation for Sustainable Cities for the project. The money will be used to finance low-energy buildings with innovative technology, photovoltaic cells (PV-cells) and small wind power stations, among other things. New technology is important: information systems and measurements in properties, white goods powered by district heating, energy-efficient LED lighting and PV-cells, to name a few.

A larger investment for an even more effective Umeå

The project is linked to the goal to make Umeå a northern hub for modern construction engineering and sustainable cities, as well as to Umeå's "Capital of Culture" investment.

Umeå municipality has a growth target of 150,000 inhabitants by 2050. The new experiences and ideas resulting from the Sustainable Ålidhem project will strengthen the Umeå brand.

Creating a Sustainable Ålidhem together

Bostaden, the municipality and Umeå Energi are working together with tenants, associations, politicians and Umeå inhabitants in order to create a Sustainable Ålidhem. If the project is to be a success, the teamwork must involve the collaboration of all parties, each of which will contribute in their own way

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  • At the eco-portal Umeå.Mer Miljö you can read more about Sustainable Ålidhem. You can also check and compare your carbon footprint with the average Swede and see an estimated level for sustainable development. With interactive tools, simple everyday tips and environmental news, you can keep your carbon footprint in check and live a more eco-friendly life. The portal also highlights environmental skills in Umeå as beneficial for inhabitants and businesses.
  • SVT is also following developments in Ålidhem. There is already a selection of material on SVT's website
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