Dialogue 2 - The outdoor environment

Part two of the dialogue for the project Sustainable Ålidhem took off on 9 November 2010, in the form of a reference group consisting of some ten or more tenants on the district council at Matematikgränd.

Participants from Bostaden included an area manager, the area landlord and one of Bostaden's horticultural experts. The evening ended with a neighbourhood security survey.

Opinions have been gathered

In the evening, work was underway with two dialogue groups where the inhabitants discussed the important elements of the outdoor environment. In total, Bostaden received some thirty or more ideas from the inhabitants. Opinions have been gathered, and now we can give an example of how the inhabitants want the outdoor environment at Matematikgränd to look.

The proposals will be discussed with other inhabitants in additional dialogue sessions. A final decision on the design will then be made. The work on the outdoor environment will commence once renovation of the houses in the area is complete.

Plan of the outdoor environment (in Swedish)

Summary of the inhabitants' opinions (in Swedish)

Bostaden's talented horticultural technicians

Bostadens trädgårdstekniker