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17 mars 2010

Your new personal page

Now we introduce our new and improved personal page for you as a tenant and applicant. Give us your opinion about it so we can make it even better.

On Thursday the 18th of March between 1 and 2 p.m. we introduce your new personal page. Your new personal page will work in the same way as before but it has a new and improved look. We hope you will like it and that you will help us out to make it even better. 

You as a tenant will notice the change in this way:

  • Your personal page will no longer open up in a separate window. It is now instead a part of our web site.
  • The design of your personal page looks like the rest of our web site.

You as an applicant will notice the change in this way:

  • We have made the form where you fill out your personal information easier.
  • The text with terms and conditions that you have to read through after you have filled out your personal information is  linked to the page.
  • There is now a pink box that tells you that you have a contract to sign.

What do you think about your new personal page?

We will continue developing and improving the personal page and in order to make it as good as possible, we really want your opinion about it. Therefore we encourage you to say what you think via our "Tyck till" button to the right or via e-mail:

Future services for you as a tenant

This summer we will introduce our next service, the possibility to get text messages from us. This a step in our work to make things easier for you as a tenant and applicant.

Do you experience problems when logging in?

If you are having problems logging in to your personal page, please contact Customer Service at 090-17 77 00 or send an e-mail