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11 mars 2011

The winners of theatre tickets

In the February issue of Hej! we had a number of tickets to three of Umeå Teaterförenings shows during spring that you could win.

Here are the winners.

Read more about the shows on


Hanna Widman
Maria Myrstener
Gunilla Unnes
David Karlsson
Jessica Viberg

Scener ur ett äktenskap
Maria Johnson
Josefin Enfält
Linnéa Lundqvist
Märtha Frohm
Jessica Östberg
Emma Bergman
Ann-Catrin Dannberg
Irena Tewiel
Karina Jonsson
Ritva Donev Heino

Vem sover i natt?
Karina Jonsson
Anna Thiger
Hanna Widman
Ulrika Henrikson
Martin Eriksson

The winners have been contacted and the tickets will arrive shortly!

Congratulations from Bostaden!