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25 juni 2013

Umeå housing company awarded prestigious European prize

After the worst fire in Umeå’s modern history, local housing company Bostaden decided to adopt a sustainability and future-oriented approach. The result was Sustainable Ålidhem. A housing project rose like Phoenix from the ashes and has now won one of the prestigious Sustainable Energy Europe Awards 2013.

SEW awards 2013 

In competition with 224 entrants from all around Europe, Bostaden – with its Sustainable Ålidhem project – won the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards 2013 competition in the Living category. The awards are part of the European Commission’s work in the area of sustainability and are presented during Sustainable Energy Europe Week, which is held in Brussels every year. The awards recognise outstanding projects in energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and clean transport. The projects are judged by a panel of experts appointed by the European Commission.

Sustainable Ålidhem

The Sustainable Ålidhem project has its origin in a major fire in Umeå’s Ålidhem district at Christmas 2008. No one was hurt but 200 people lost their homes. Housing company Bostaden chose then – in collaboration with Umeå Municipality and energy company Umeå Energi – to focus on a new, sustainable project.

Sustainable Ålidhem consists today of four blocks with a total of 137 flats, 405 flats that are being refurbished and a winter garden. The project has an overall sustainability perspective. Environmental-friendly building materials have been used, Sweden’s largest solar cell installations is under construction, and every tenant can see and adjust their energy consumption in real time. And all without heavy rent increases for the residents.

Less environmental impact and more enjoyment

The aim of Sustainable Ålidhem is to reduce environmental impact and also increase residents’ well-being. Residents’ views and opinions are welcomed, which has among other things resulted in a 150 square metre winter garden. The project as a whole is developed and evaluated continuously in collaboration with Umeå University:

–Bostaden wants to contribute to sustainable development in society and the project is an important part of our endeavours. In practice, we do what is possible with today’s technology. We achieve results and evaluate our efforts. And first and foremost, we do so in a way that is economically sustainable for the residents. In that sense, the chosen path is also the goal, says Ann-Sofi Tapani, Managing Director of Bostaden, who initiated the project.

Sustainable Ålidhem is a collaborative project between Bostaden, Umeå Energi and Umeå Municipality. The aim is to make the district more secure, more pleasant and more energy-efficient.

For more information about the project:

Find out more about Bostadens environmental work

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Ann-Sofi Tapani
Managing Director, Bostaden
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