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11 november 2010

Try our new Boskola!

Am I allowed to have a dog in my flat and is it ok to repaper on my own? Try our new web based Boskola and learn more about living in a rented flat. Only in Swedish so far.

Easy to use

Only choose what door you want to enter. Behind each door is a couple of pages with information. Read through every page and click the red arrows to move on to the next one.

See how much you learnt

At the end there is a test you can take and see how much you remember from Boskolan. Send us the result and you have the chance to win movie tickets. You do not have to go through all of Boskolan if you do not want to, but the test in the end contains questions from all three parts. 

Good luck! 

Go straight to Boskolan (opens in a new window)

Skärmdump av Bostadens webbaserade Boskola