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23 april 2013

Tranbärsvägen after the renovations – how it may look like

On Wednesday April 10, Bostaden invited tenants on Tranbärsvägen 2–4 to a meeting. In the meeting Bostaden showed pictures of what the yards and the apartments may look like after the renovations.

BAsed on a survey result, the opinions of the rebuilding committee consisting of tenants and Bostaden staff a Landscaping architect has come up with ideas on what the yards may look like. And an Architect has come up with ideas on what the apartments may look like. These are only ideas so far and it is not decided what the end result will look like.

The yards

Illustration av utemiljön på Tranbärsvägen 2-4 

A three bedroom apartment on the ground floor


Skiss för Tranbärsvägen 2-4 


Skiss av planlösning på Tranbärsvägen 2-4 


Skiss av lägenhet på Tranbärsvägen 2-4

Find out more about the renovations (only in Swedish)