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16 maj 2019

Time for a thorough cleaning

During summer vacation Bostaden will do a thorough cleaning of the corridors

Please remember;

  • NOT leaving furniture or other personal belongings behind in the corridor. There are plenty of second-hand stores in Umeå, which receives all kind of things. You can leave clothes and other textiles in charity boxes close to some of Bostadens recycling rooms. If you have big things you want to get rid of, consult your area landlord.
  • NOT leaving food behind in the corridor kitchen. Empty and clean out refrigerator, freezer and kitchen cabinets properly, to avoid pests growing during hot summer days.

Contact Umeå Food Swap on Facebook if you have food you don’t want to waste.

Do note;

  • that if you are going to return to the corridor in the autumn, it is okay to leave food that can’t go bad.
  • that the inside of the oven, micro wave, fridge, freezer and cabinets IS NOT included in the thorought cleaning. It lies on your own responsibility to clean them.

For the best result I hope that we all can help each other with this.