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25 augusti 2010

This happens at nya Öbacka August 28th and 29th

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of August, there will be a great opening of Botniabanan. Those of you living in the Öbacka area will notice this in several ways.

A large stage will be put on the area to the left of the station. It will be aimed towards the bicycle bridge, "Svingen". A large screen will be put to the right of the stage. Bostaden also take the chance to show that we have nice and newly built flats on Öbacka. That is why we will hang a large tapestry on the facade to the newly built house that is aimed towards "Resecentrum".

Fasadvepor på de nybyggda husen på Öbacka

Extensive security

Due to the arrival of the swedish king, the security surrounding this opening is extensive. Storgatan will be totally closed. If you have to drive to Solvik you have to drive down beside Statoil and go in backways. Those who are about to move in to the NCC tenant owner's flats will be able to pass but the organizers encourage visitors to ride their bicycle or walk to the area.

Time of the opening:

Saturday 28th of August: 12am-6 pm
Sunday 29th of August 11am-6pm

Programme for the opening (only in Swedish, opens in a new window)


Come and see our flats at nya Öbacka

At the days of the opening we give you the opportunity to come and see some of the flats at nya Öbacka. They are located on Storgatan 124 and Ankargränd 3. There will be signs to show you the way.

Do you have any questions regarding the new flats?

Please turn to Annika Adolfsson at Customer Service (Kundcenter) at 070-645 17 75 or 090-17 77 12.
E mail:

Do you have any questions regarding the opening?

Please turn to your area landlord Anne-Charlotte Flystam at 070-324 27 34.
E mail:

    Annons nya Öbacka