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17 december 2009

The PLUS card becomes the Bostaden card

The PLUS card that used to be sent along with the December issue of our customer magazine have changed the look and the name and is now called the Bostaden card.

The shape of the new card is simple and as a part of our environmental work it is made out of recyclable plastic, which also makes it more durable. The idea is that you will be able to use the same card for a long time, not just a year. The card gives you good offers on goods and services.

Bostadenkortet framsida            Bostadenkortet baksida

The front of the card

The back of the card

Distributed around the turn of the year 

All of our tenants will receive the card in their letter box at the end of December or the beginning of January. Your present card is valid until you have got your new one. If you have not got your card in the middle of January, please contact your Area landlord.

Here are some of the new offers for this year:

DUÅ – environmentally friendly offer
10 % discount on organic marmalades among other things from Monika at Finesserna.
Storgatan 46.

Eco-shine – environmentally friendly and water free car wash and waxing
100 kr discount when you get a Deluxe wash at one occasion per Bostaden card.

Utebutiken – environmentally friendly offer 
10 % discount on the organic cotton line of Klättermusen.
Storgatan 38.

10 % discount at any product at regular price. 
V. Ersboda centrum.

Other offers from: 
• Berghems blommor • Colorama
• Umeå Glas • Hälsokraft • Tenton gym
• Verneta – taktil terapi • Centralservice
• Naturmassage • Mac Maggies städ
• Dialect • Nattöppet • Elkedjan (Ersboda & City)
• Buketten • Länsförsäkringar

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