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09 augusti 2013

Temporary shutdown of the district heating network on two occassions

The district heating will be shut down from Monday 12 August at 10 pm until Thursday 15 August at 6 am on Ålidhöjd east, Ålidhem, Tunnelbacken and Carlshem. And from Sunday 18 August 10 pm until Wednesday 21 August at 6 am the district heating will be shut down on Lilljansberget and Ålidhöjd west.

You will either have no access or limited access to heating and hot water during this period. However, dishwashers and washing machines will work normally, and cold water will still be available from the taps. To heat small amounts of water, you can use a microwave oven or a kettle.

Shower and pool tickets

To make things easier, you are able to fetch shower and pool tickets from your area landlord. You can also print flyers with pool and shower tickets below. The tickets can be used at Umelagun, Nydala area (during the first shutdown) and at Iksu sport (during the second shutdown).

Extra pool and shower tickets are also available from Umeå Energi, Storgatan 34.

Thoughts or questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Umeå Energi Customer Service, 090-16 00 20.

Flyer that will be sent to you (shutdown no 1)

Flyer that will be sent to you (shutdown no 2)

Affected area during shutdown no 1

Map over affected area

Affected areas during shutdown no 2

Västra Ålidhöjd