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30 november 2010

Strong involvement in dialogue sessions on the Winter Garden

Bostaden has now had two dialogue evenings about what we want to be an inspiring social forum on the new Geografigränd – a Winter Garden for which construction will soon commence. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the dialogue! The sessions have been open and we have trialled new methods. They involved the cooperation of Bostaden with both Skuggteatern and students from the Programme in Urban and Regional Planning.

Lots of good ideas about how the Winter Garden will be used

The first dialogue evening at Klossen cultural centre on 22 November had a good turnout as we also treated guests to an improv show with Skuggteatern. The participants were able to express wishes and ideas for how the new social forum at Ålidhem will be used. With the help of Skuggteatern, we were able to garner a lot of suggestions for how the not yet build Winter Garden could be furnished and made flexible. Green foliage and herbs, trickling water, light displays, a space for social gatherings, relaxation and events, soft cushions and an organic café were recurring themes that arose.

Audience asked to suggest names

Skuggteatern's programme with ”pocket games” was about suggesting name for the new social forum, which didn't necessarily have to be called ”Vinterträdgården” (the Winter Garden). On pieces of paper submitted before the performance, the audience had written everything from Miljösamvetet [Eco Conscience], Grönan [the Green] and Punkten [the Point] to Vinterglimt [Winter Gleam].

The dialogue evening at Klossen was documented in images and film. Below are some of the images from the evening. A short version of the film will be available here on the website soon.


Dialog om Vinterträdgården med Skuggteatern 
Members of the audience during Skuggteatern's improv

Dialog om Vinterträdgården med Skuggteatern
Skuggteatern gather ideas for names for the Winter Garden

Dialogue in collaboration with the Programme in Urban and Regional Planning

The second dialogue session, on 25 November, saw the participation of the district council, the Tenants' Association, contractors from the construction project, representatives from Forslunda's horticultural course and personnel from Bostaden. The dialogue session was run in collaboration with students from the Programme in Urban and Regional planning at Umeå University. The students held workshops and there was a high level of involvement among participants. Activities, ecological and social sustainability, accessibility and the future of Ålidhem were the focus of four stations at which the groups took on tasks with various creative methods.

The Winter Garden as a meeting point

Many want to see the Winter Garden as a meeting point, with a café and the chance for social gatherings. All groups wanted the Winter Garden to be characterised by a lot of greenery, plenty of plants, water and a lots of light, to create a leafy environment. Plants used as partitions in order to create small rooms in the building was another popular suggestion. A bike pool was something all groups wanted. One creative suggestion was that this bike pool could contribute to energy for the premises. By cycling for five minutes in order to unlock the bicycle, the energy generated could be used to heat the Winter Garden.

Final proposal in the pipeline

More detailed feedback will be published here at a later date. The students will now collate and analyse the suggestions, so that they can then present a holistic proposal that could make the Winter Garden a sustainable social forum with potential for development and extreme flexibility.

The Winter Garden is being constructed under the Sustainable Ålidhem project.

Plans for the Winter Garden, for which construction will commence in the new year

Film clip from the dialogue session: improv show

The dialogue: an important part of the investment in Ålidhem

The dialogue sessions are part of the ”Sustainable Ålidhem” investment, where renovations and the planning of a Winter Garden are currently underway. They are a prerequisite for the sustainability dialogue conducted in May-June which inspired many people to get involved. More than 600 ideas and opinions on sustainability were the result of that session, which included workshops, sustainability walks and events. In addition to the aforementioned dialogues surrounding the Winter Garden, we have also begun a dialogue about the outdoor environment of Matematikgränd. Read more about the dialogue

Elisabeth Lind
Head of Public Relations