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11 mars 2010

The selection of digital TV changes from May 5th

These channels in the basic supply are affected: TV3, Kanal 5, TV8, Kanal 9, TV4 Plus and TV4 Sport. Please note that this transit only affects those of you with a digital box.

This information does not affect those of you who live in Sävar, Bullmark, Innertavle, Ersmark, Obbola or Holmsund.

Coding of some digital channels

We have earlier informed on our web site that some of the digital channels will be coded by the television companies. The transit will take place on May 5th. These are the channels in our basic supply that are affected: TV3, Kanal 5, TV8, Kanal 9, TV4 Plus och TV4 Sport.

How will I be affected by this?

To be able to see these channels digitally in the future you need an encryption card and a digital box that goes with the card. The encryption card, called Crypto Guard, costs 33 SEK per month and the monthly rent for the digital box is 49 SEK. This means that all DVB-C boxes will not work after the transit. If you are hesitant, please contact your retailer.  

Who can help me?

The encryption card can be bought at the Svesat Choice retailers. There you are also able to rent or buy a digital box that fits. You can contact Centralservice or Expert at Kungsgatan for more information. There you also have the possibility to buy supply at a special price. You can also buy a digital box at a special price of 495 SEK. The regular price is 995 SEK. If you wish to subscribe for HD channels, there are also HD digital boxes.

If you do not have a digital box today

Those of you who watch TV without a digital box, are not affected by this. The analogue channels in the basic supply are not affected by the transit.

Canal Digital customer? 

If you are a customer at Canal Digital you will be contacted by Svesat Choice for transfer of subscription to Svesat Choice. Svesat Choice will also provide an exchange box. This means that you only need one digital box.

Boxer customer?

The information above does not affect customers with a digital box from Boxer.

More channels or packages

Along with the transit, Svesat Choice will offer those of you who are interested, the possibility to get more channels or packages. For more information about prices and channel packages, please visit, click Umeå.

More information:
Kommunicera's support
Telephone: 090-17 77 17