Anpassa textstorlek
05 juli 2011

Securitas will from now on take over the emergency services

Securitas will from Thursday the 30th of June, 2 PM, take over Bostadens estate duty and alarm reception. The phone number remains the same as earlier 090-14 26 10 and all Bostadens tenants will be able to reach Securitas on evenings and weekends.

This change implies that G4S will forward its previous responsibility as well as the alarm reception to Securitas starting from 1st of July. This change will not be different in larger way except that the staff of Securitas will be wearing their uniforms with their logo type on.


Securitas will inform further by announcements on the main entrance of all Bostadens apartments. We want to clarify to all our tenants with any questions to turn to your area landlord in your specific area during daytime. In case of emergency such as robbery or fire, please dial SOS-alarm number 112.