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05 juli 2010

Safer yards this summer

We care about you as a tenant and want to create safe and secure neighbourhoods.

We as landlords are committed to creating safe and secure neighbourhoods, and as far as possible avoid accidents. Because of this and our intense environmental work, we have chosen to be restrictive with for example, pools and other play equipment in our yards. Anything that is placed in the yard must be approved by the area landlord.

Think green

Bostaden is a company thinking of the environment, and pools that require large amounts of hot water are not environmentally friendly. Therefore, we urge you as a tenant to avoid them. However, it is okay with smaller children's pools. They are better for the environment and safer because you can place them on your terrace and supervise them. Always contact your area landlord before making any changes.

You are welcome to contact your area landlord if you have any questions.

Hund och barn ute på en gård på Östermalmsgatan