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22 oktober 2009

Refuse rooms are turned into environmental houses

Monday the 26th of October Ann-Sofi Tapani, Managing Director at Bostaden will open the most recent refuse room of Bostaden, a so called environmental house at Pedagoggränd. All in all, six environmental houses will open. Four of these are situated at Pedagoggränd, one at Historiegränd and in February another one at Gluntens väg.

Time: Monday the 26th of October at 2 pm
Place: Pedagogränd 5


The environmental houses of Bostaden will replace the old refuse rooms and will in a larger sense also have a recycling function.
The new environmental houses are built with a high quality of material and crafts. Their roofs are covered with sedum, a stone cropped plant. The roof vegetation isolates the house against heating in the summer and against cooling in the winter. The indoor climate becomes more constant and pleasant thanks to the roof vegetation, which also symbolises the cycle in nature, refuse that returns to nature in a natural way.

Large windows let the light in and create a pleasant light transmitting capacity between the outdoor and indoor environment and also give a sense of security to those inside the houses. The construction plans of the houses are circular, in order to get a good flow for recycling and also to avoid dead ends.

Apart from the six environmental houses that will be ready in autumn 2009, more houses will be built in the future. They will then replace the refuse rooms at those of Bostaden's areas that lack or have poor conditions for recycling.

For more information, please contact:

Jeanette Forssén
Supervisor Housing Service
Telephone 070-628 72 11

Ulf Nordwall
Properties Manager
Telephone: 070-691 30 26

Elisabeth Lind
Communications and Marketing Manager
Telephone: 090-17 75 04 or 070-242 81 42