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13 mars 2020

Our approach to the Corona virus

On Tuesday, March 10, the Public Health Agency (Folkhälsomyndigheten) changed the level of risk to the highest - very high risk of spreading in Sweden. Everyone with symptoms of a cold, even mild ones, is now urged to forgo social contacts that are at risk of spreading infection. Here you can read more about how we work to prevent the spread of the infection and how you as a tenant should think and act. Page updated March 30.

Updated March 30 with the paragraph Are you isolated and in need of support?


We all need to help each other to make it difficult for the Corona virus to spread. On this page you can read more about how we work to prevent the spread of the infection and how you as a tenant should think and act.

In consideration of yourself, your neighbours and our staff, we would like to politely ask you to consider a few different things:

  • Do not visit us if you have any symptoms of disease. This applies to both our Customer Service Centre and the offices of our Area Landlords. We encourage you to call or e-mail instead.
  • If you or someone in your family is ill - only make fault reports (felanmälningar) in case of emergency. Emergencies can for example be water leakage, broken electrical lines or refrigerator or freezer that does not work. We do not want to risk our employees passing on the infection to your neighbors or causing our employees to become unnecessarily ill. Therefore, wait to make non-emergency fault reports until you are fully healthy again.
  • We want to ask you who have booked visits in the near future and are ill or have symptoms, to cancel them. For example, fault reports that you have already sent or painting or wallpapering and such.
  • If you are at home in quarantine and a serious fault occur that can not wait, we will of course help you to fix it. Our employees have been given precautionary rules which means that they will conduct the visit with caution, with good distance to you as a tenant and with extra good hand hygiene afterwards.


We take our social responsibility

To reduce the possible spread to risk groups and to reduce the risk of high pressure on the healthcare system, we will among other things

  • not be shaking hands
  • bserve good hand hygiene (wash hands and use hand sanitiser) – feel free to do it too!


This is done in accordance with the Public Health Agency's guidelines for the Corona virus Covid-19.


Longer waiting and response time

Keep in mind that the waiting and response time generally might be longer for a period, if for example our employees fall ill and have to stay home. We may also be forced to prioritize our tasks for a while. We hope and think that you understand this.


Stay home if you're sick

Those who have traveled in areas where the Corona virus spreads should pay attention to any of the symptoms such as cough, difficulty breathing or fever. When showing such symptoms, do not go to a healthcare facility. Instead, stay at home and contact the Care Guide (Vårdguiden) at telephone number 1177 to get information on where to turn.


Do you have questions?

Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions.


Frequently asked questions

Do you have the opportunity to place soap and hand spirit in the assembly rooms of your senior Residences?

Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to place soap and hand sanitizer in the assembly rooms, but as tenants in our senior residences, you have access to soap and water in your room or apartment.

If I end up in quarantine in the future, how should I think and act when it comes to the shared laudry room?

We refer to the advice and guidelines of the Public Health Agency. If you are quarantined, you shouldn't be out or around people at all, but maybe you have a neighbor or family member who can help you out? If not, we recommend you hto and wash until the quarantine time is over.


More information

Below you will find links to up-to-date information and recommendations on what to do if you have any questions, are worried or wonder when you need to seek care:

The Public Health Agency of Sweden


Umeå Municipality

You can also call the national information number 113 13 to ask general questions about Covid-19.


Other languages

Links and information from authorities about the coronavirus/covid-19 in other languages


Are you isolated and in need of support?

Röda Korset Umeåkretsen, Svenska Kyrkan and Frivilligcentralen offer help and support to people staying at home due to Corona virus. They turn to you who are older or belong to a risk group. Find out more (Information in Swedish)