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01 juni 2010

Opening of Sustainable Ålidhem, 3 June

The third of June will see the official opening of the multi-million kronor investment Sustainable Ålidhem at Matematikgränd 7-9 at 18:00. The proceedings will include a speech by Peter Örn, chair for the Government's Delegation of Sustainable Cities, as well as sustainability walks in the suburb and a cycling competition.

"Sustainable Ålidhem is an excellent example of how Swedish neighbourhoods can work to create sustainable solutions that protect the environment in the long term," says Peter Örn. "Umeå is one of Sweden's pioneers. I hope many more will follow."

Gathered opinions

In recent weeks, Bostaden has arranged events in Ålidhem and at the university in order to gather opinions for the Sustainable Ålidhem project; primarily from its 4,000 tenants (2,000 of which are students) in Ålidhem, but also from other Ålidhem residents, businesses, associations, politicians, etc. The opening on 3 June will be something of a climax for the initial dialogue.

"We're creating the sustainable suburb of Ålidhem together with tenants and the municipality, Umeå Energi, our staff, associations and Ålidhem's residents," says Elisabeth Lind, Head of Communications at Bostaden. "So it's important that we gather as many opinions as possible."

More information than glamour

The opening starts at 18:00 on 3 June at Matematikgränd 7-9 in Ålidhem. Following a speech by Peter Örn and ceremony with chairpersons of the board of Bostaden, Umeå municipality and representatives from Umeå Energi, there will be a sustainability walk with Carl Wangel, who has led the dialogue on Sustainable Ålidhem over the past weeks.

"We'll take them on a tour and talk about how the recent dialogue has played out, as well as the results of it," Carl Wangel explains. They will visit laundry rooms and various outdoor environments, among other things. Overall, the opening is characterised more by information than glamour.

Among the activities to conclude the opening will be a cycling competition involving folding bicycles.

Cutting energy consumption in half

Sustainable Ålidhem covers all of Ålidhem and will continue through to the back end of 2014. Umeå municipality, Umeå Energi and Bostaden have received SEK 33 million from the Delegation for Sustainable Cities for the project. The overarching goal is to cut energy consumption in half for a large number of Bostaden's properties, create safer and more pleasant environments and transform Ålidhem into the sustainable district.

"An incredibly exciting investment that will be a boost for green electricity," says Gun Blomquist Bergman, Head of Public Relations at Umeå Energi.

"Sustainable Ålidhem should also be seen as part of a larger investment to make Umeå even more efficient," says Albert Edman, Project Coordinator for Sustainable Ålidhem at Umeå municipality. The project is linked to the goal to make Umeå a northern hub for modern environmental engineering and sustainable cities, as well as to Umeå's "Capital of Culture" investment.

De som deltog i en av hållbarhetsvandringarna på Ålidhem 

In May, Bostaden has arranged events in Ålidhem and the university area in order to gather opinions for the Sustainable Ålidhem project. One model for the gathering process was the ”Sustainability walks”, whereby residents could give their opinions on the area, on location.

Photo: Johan Gunséus

Further information:

Elisabeth Lind
Head of Communications, Bostaden
Tel: 090-17 75 04 eller 070-242 81 42

Gun Blomquist Bergman
Head of Communications, Umeå Energi
Tel: 070-642 46 33

Albert Edman
Coordinator Sustainable Ålidhem, Umeå
Tel: 090-16 14 48, 070-297 18 19