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09 juni 2010

Two new services for you with a personal page

On Wednesday the 9th of June we are launching two new services for you with a personal page. You can now be contacted by us via text messages and you can see what time of registration you need to get an offer for a flat you are interested in.

Get text messages from Bostaden

You can now choose to be contacted by us via text messages. For example, you can get a text message to remind you to log on to your personal page so you do not lose your place in the queue. You can also get a text message if you are one out of 1-8 to get an offer for a flat you have applied for.

This is how it works

To sign up for text messages is easy. If you already have a personal page all you have to do is log on and click on “My contact ways” in the box below to the left. Fill out your cellphone number and check the box that says sms. Piece of cake. 

If you want to create a personal page, you will automatically get to the page where you choose contact ways.

More text message services coming up 

In the long run we will develop the text message services. You will among other things be able to get text messages from your area landlord and get Bostaden card offer to your cellphone.

See where you are in the queue right now 

Next to every available flat you will find a thumbnail. When you sweep over it a box with information with the registration date you need to get an offer for that flat will pop up. The Queue survey only shows the date that is relevant right now and will vary accordingly when new applications are made. 

Queue statistics

With our service Queue Statistics you can get an idea on how long you have to wait to get a tenancy agreement on different areas. The queing times vary depending on area, rents and time of entry among other things. You will find the  Queue Statistics on your personal page in the menu to the left below "Queue Statistics". We started gathering statistics in June 2010.

Contact us if you have any questions

We hope that these services will make things easier for you as a tenant and applicant. Please contact Customer Service or at 090-17 77 00 if you have any questions.

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