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07 januari 2016

Make 2016 your greenest year ever

A new year means a new start and a chance to get new habits. If you have not given a new year’s resolution yet, we help you with some promises that might just make 2016 your greenest year ever.

Klimatsmart, vegetarisk mat på en tallrik 

In 2016 I promise to

  • choose more eco food, especially dairy products, meat, bananas, grapes and coffee since they all have great impact on the environment
  • keep at least two days every week meat free
  • recycle and never throw paint residue and hair spray in the trash or the sewer
  • see if what I need can be found in a flea market or if there is another environmentally smart option
  • leave the car at home at times when it is just as easy to go by bus or bicycle
  • stop impulse purchasing things and always consider if I really need the product and will be happy about it for a long period of time
  • buy food in season
  • turn off lamps when I leave a room and not leave taps on longer than necessary
  • be aware of what I keep in my fridge and shop smart so that I do not have to throw away food
  • choose train over airplane when possible and purchase carbon offsets when flying.

Long live sustainability!