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02 oktober 2009

Geografigränd – This is what it may look like

Lindbäcks bygg have been chosen as contractor for the new building on Geografigränd 2. Their suggestion scored highest points closely followed by NCC.

See pictures and more details about their suggestion

–I am very happy about the suggestion that is financially realistic and also correspond to the demands we had regarding the environment and other “soft values”, says Ann-Sofi Tapani, Managing Director at Bostaden. There is no doubt about the significance of the understanding in how people experience their housing area today. We work extra hard with Ålidhem and have been given a new opportunity in an important area, she continues.

– In our inquiry material we were very specific about the fact that 35 percent of the evaluation would be based on soft values. Our evaluation group all agreed on the assessment that resulted in the winning of Lindbäcks Bygg. They won, partly because of this but also because their offer contained a higher number of flats with more leasable space.

Convincing suggestion from Lindbäcks Bygg

Before the inquiry was sent out, Bostaden met up with people living in Ålidhem to hear their opinions about important matters to them when new houses will replace the old ones. Some of their wishes were meeting places, a nice neighbourhood yard with a sauna and a space that they could lease. Other suggestions and wishes were outdoor environments for people to meet during warmer seasons. The feeling that Ålidhem is an area with special qualities that are worth preserving has also been expressed. Lindbäcks Bygg corresponds to all of these wishes which were also taken into consideration in the evaluation.

The proposal from Lindbäcks Bygg has a simple structure which makes the new buildings fit together with the existing buildings. Their suggestion convinces with its clear idea. A generous outer environment gives both historical associations to a classical yard structure and also an impression from 2010.

All in all Lindbäcks Bygg and NCC were close in the total grading. NCC had three financially efficient concept houses and Lindbäcks Bygg had a surplus value of more flats. But when it comes to Lindbäcks Bygg, they convinced because of a suggestion that was well-planned, especially for the area on Ålidhem. They also had the best solutions for all parameters that we asked for.

Unanimous evaluation group

The evaluation group that was completely unanimous in their judgment consisted of: Ann-Sofi Tapani, MD, Ulf Nordwall Properties Manager, Folke Parkle Project Leader, Harry Jonsson IT Manager, Christer Nyhlén HVAC and Energy and Anna Flatholm Landscaping Architect.

–Now we have to wait for the expiry date of the appeal which is October 12th, says Ann-Sofi Tapani. After that we can precede with an order writ.

Same rental levels as on Strombergs väg

The rent for the flats that are going to be rebuilt after the fire will approximately be the same as the rent on Strombergs väg and on our newly produced flats at Ålidhem.

The rent will end up on an estimated level of around 1200–1500 kronor per square metre and year. The average rent will be about 1300 kronor per square metre and year. Bostaden are able to have these rent levels due to competitive funding of the project.

The estimated rent for a flat with the size of 35 square metres will be approximately 4100 kronor per month and a flat with the size of 53 square metres the rent will be about 5300 kronor per month.

Background information

After the fire on Geografigränd a purchasing to rebuild started in May 2009. The goal was to be finished within two years.
The inquiry material designed for a total contract was sent out May 14th 2009. The main factors in the material were that the new building had to contribute to development of the area and be in line with the goals of Bostaden that are based on social, financial and ecological durability. Among other things there was a clear demand that the energy consumption of the properties have to manage a level of 65 kWh per square metre and year (compared to the building standard 110 kWh per square metre and year). Over all the demands on comfortable functional outdoor and indoor environments were also important factors in the inquiry material.

Another new condition was that a detail plan of the area had to be done at the same time as the dealing with received offers. This meant that the tenderers had the possibility to come up with different solutions to take advantage of the light, the local climate and work with their own ideas for the placing and design of the buildings.

In total three offers were given. These came from NCC, Skanska and Lindbäcks Bygg. The three offers each presented different solutions for the placing of the houses, the outdoor environment, foundation of the buildings, architecture etc. The amount of flats differed from 117 (Skanska) to 131 (Lindbäcks Bygg). The flats are divided into one, two and three room flats, which fit the target group at Ålidhem.


For more information, please contact:

Ann-Sofi Tapani
Managing Director
AB Bostaden in Umeå
Telephone: 0705 82 72 02

Elisabeth Lind
Communication and Marketing Manager
Telephone: 090-17 75 04 or 070-242 81 42