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02 mars 2011

Find out when you can get your flat renovated

From March third, you will be able to see when we have performed different kinds of maintenance in your flat and when it is time to do so again, on your personal page.

To make things easier for you as a tenant, we now introduce a service on your personal page, the possibility to see the status of your flat. The statation on when we have performed different kind of renovation in your flat and when it is time to do so again.

You will also find information on how much it costs if you want us to repaper any of your rooms or change the kitchen cabinet doors before it is time.

How to see the status for your flat:

1. Log on to your personal page
2. Click on My contracts
3. Click on the link More information below Contract information and choose Flat status

Please note!

  • Some tenants will lack the status information. That firstly applies to those who live in a newly built flat. We hope that we
    will be able to present the status information to those tenants shortly.

Do you have thoughts or questions?

Please contact your area landlord if you want to order maintenance of your flat and contact Maud Sundholm at 090-17 75 14, if you have general questions about the status.

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