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07 april 2011

Exciting proposals from students at the Interactive Design Course

How can Bostaden motivate their tenants to become even better at reducing their consumption of electricity and water? Students from the Interactive Design course at the Institute of Design in Umeå have for four weeks looked into developing alternate interfaces for a meter for individual measuring. Tenants have helped with their experience of using the terminal.

The students presented three very interesting designs of user-friendly interfacees for the Echolog meter for the project group at Bostaden. The three groups of students have interviewed tenants and held workshops to test their proposals on tenants and other students.

See the different groups' final reports:

Group 1 - GreenLog (Alexander Rosendahl, Daniel Rodén, Hua-Sheng Huang, Sara Vilhelmson)

Group 2 - EchoClock (Erik Marsja, Jussi Nordlund, Marc Hallgren, Nina Lind)

Group 3 - Echolog Puzzle (Joakim Bergqvist, Mohammad Qashqish, Simon Hultdin, Chun-Tsen Ou)

Bostaden will now take the project further by implementing the three interfaces in Echolog terminals along with the original interface. The usability will be tested by tenants. In 2011 Bostaden will have a reference study done to result in a lasting design developed for future Echolog which Bostaden plan on installing into all of their apartments.

About the project Green Citizens of Europe
Green Citizens is an EU project (a LIFE+ project). Bostaden takes part in this big project, together with Umeå municipality. Bostaden's sub-project is called "Sustainable living and housing". Bostaden's distinct part is mostly about how to influence tenants to live more energy efficient through our individual measurements for electricity and water.


GreenLog gränssnittsdesign

EchoClock gränssnittsdesign

Group 1GreenLog design

Group 2 - EchoClock design

Echolog Puzzle gränssnittsdesign

Echolog ursprungsutseende 


Group 3 - Echolog Puzzle design

 Echolog origianl design