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02 november 2011

Energy consumption in Sustainable Ålidhem has been halved

It's going well for the Sustainable Ålidhem project. A recent evaluation from Umeå University reveals that the energy consumption has been halved in the renovated houses. "We're extremely pleased," says Niklas Broddeskog, Bostaden's Project Manager for Sustainable Ålidhem.

Pilothuset på Matematikgränd 

The project Sustainable Ålidhem is a collaboration between Bostaden, Umeå Energi and Umeå municipality, and entails rebuilding the suburb in order to make it safer, more pleasant and more energy-efficient.

Extraordinary results

In January 2011, energy meters were placed in two identical buildings – one of them rebuilt in order to drastically reduce energy consumption, and one which has acted as a reference building. A first evaluation is made and the results are extraordinary. The energy consumption in the rebuilt building has been almost cut in half, thanks in part to innovative insulation and sealing methods.

"We're happy that the measures we have taken have been so effective. This shows that there are many environmental benefits to look forward to in Ålidhem," says Niklas Broddeskog, Bostaden's Project Manager for Sustainable Ålidhem.

"Absolutely. Now we can continue to build Ålidhem with the knowledge that we're on the right path," says Jörgen Carlsson, Umeå Energi's Project Manager for Sustainable Ålidhem.

Measurements have been taken for the temperature inside the buildings, outdoor temperature, electricity consumption and the heat supplied to the radiators and ventilation air. The measurements have been taken in collaboration with the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics at Umeå University.

More meters to be installed

"The temperature gauges that we have used are the size of small mobile phones, and their readings can be viewed remotely. This way, we haven't needed to disturb the tenants, apart from when changing batteries," explains Staffan Andersson at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics.

In order to measure hot water and heating consumption, flow meters and energy meters have been installed. These are then read monthly with the help of Umeå Energi's reading system.

The metering will continue in these buildings for another year. In addition, more meters will be installed in several other buildings in order to evaluate other planned measures.


Sustainable Ålidhem comprises a total of around 500 apartment, 130 of which are new builds. Under the project, new washing machines connected to the district heating system have been installed, which reduces electricity consumption. The buildings have been furnished with new ventilation with heat recycling and energy-efficient LED lighting, and the apartments have individual metering and debiting of electricity and warm and hot water. Additionally, there are PV-cells on the roof, there is a Winter Garden in the courtyard and the outdoor environments in the area are being freshened up.

For further information, contact:

Albert Edman
Project coordinator Sustainable Ålidhem
070-297 18 19,

Gun Blomquist Bergman
Head of Communications, Umeå Energ
070-642 46 33,

Elisabeth Lind
Head of Communications, AB Bostaden
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