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26 april 2012

Celebrate Walpurgis Night at Campus

On Monday April 30th between 6 pm and 9.30 pm you can celebrate Walpurgis on Umeå University Campus.

Valborgsfirande på campus 
A wide selection of activities: a market, choral singing, entertainment, a huge bonfire, the "spring speech," children's activities, food and beverages, songs and music. The evening's emcee will be Erik Walfridsson, lecturer at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and experienced sports commentator.


18:00 Emcee Erik Walfridsson welcomes everyone

18:05 Student orchestra Snösvänget
True to their motto “fast and strong”, Umeå University's student orchestra will get you into a festive mood with their mixed repertoire of jazz standards, rock and pop.

18:15 Singer/Songwriter Showcase
Umeå University’s music students on stage. Get a glimpse of Umeå’s great creative potential!

18:30 Try Zumba with Iksu
Try the popular dance work-out Zumba with Iksu.

18:40 Workshop with You Skate Girl
Have you ever tried skateboarding? The members of You Skate Girl Umeå help you to test your skills in the half-pipe.

18:55 Performance by Renhornen
The big band Renhornen from Umeå will join the Walpurgis Eve celebration for a guest performance.

19:15 Student orchestra Snösvänget

19:30 Breakdance show by Flow Latino
Umeå's breakdance crew Flow Latino shows their best moves on stage.

19:55 Walpurgis choir
Umeå Student Choir and Umeå Nations Choir team up to charm you with traditional Swedish spring songs. Under the leadership of musical director Tomas Pleje.

20:00 Bonfire lighting ceremony and the "spring speech"
The bonfire is lit and Prof. Simon Lindgren, one of the 62 most creative people in digital Sweden according to the magazine Internet World, delivers the traditional spring speech.

20:20 Singer/Songwriter Showcase

20:40 Concert featuring Cleo
Umeå's hip hop virtuoso Nathalie Missaoui, better known as Cleo, will energize the audience together with her fantastic rhythmic band.

21:20 Fire show by Kelfirius
The evening concludes with a spectular fire show by the Umeå based artists and performing group Kelfirius.

21:30 Emcee Erik Walfridsson thanks everyone for the night

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