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23 september 2009

The campaign for Ålidhem has begun...

Welcome to the remaining events of occasions. Come and make your voice heard!
In 2009/2010 the recreation center activities will move to Kolbäckskolan. During the Ålidhem Day, Saturday, September 12th, Bostaden took the opportunity to ask the residents of Ålidhem for suggestions about new activities on the premises. The visitors were able to submit written proposals but also "shoot a vote" with a paintball marker on the banners on the property.

The estimated event will return in a further three occasions in September - take the opportunity to come by and make your voice heard!

Event times:
Thursday, September 17th at 15.00-17.00
Tuesday, September 22nd, at 15.00-17.00
Saturday, September 26th 11.00-15.00

Scroll down to see pictures from Ålidhem Day, Saturday, September 12th.