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11 mars 2010

Bostaden's new rents for 2010 have been decided

AB Bostaden in Umeå and the Tenants Association have now agreed on new rents for flats and single rooms. The agreement, that lasts for two years will also apply for tenants in Bostaden's affiliated companies. The rent level will be raised by an average of 1,6 percent. The raise starts to apply from April 1st 2010.

This means that the rent for an average two bedroom flat will be raised by approximately 100 SEK. Those flats that are included are a part of the rent setting system "Poängen". The raise is at roughly the same level as the national average for other housing companies.

Within Bostaden the raise of rents may differ for various reasons. Those who live in flats that are built after the year of 2000 will not have any raise of rent at all for instance. Those who live in Holmsund and Obbola will not either get a higher rent this year. Tenants in Sävar will almost not get any raise at all. However, those who live in older houses and in single rooms may get a raise of around 2 percent. In addition the raise varies if electricity is included in the rent or not. Cable TV, car parking spaces and garages are not included in the raise of 2010.

Some of the main reasons to the raise of rent are the following:

  • Raised costs for district heating and new costs for landlords to take care of excessive water in yards and parking spaces.
  • Raised contract costs for refuse collection and snow clearance.
  • Increased investments on the outdoor environment in our housing areas.
  • Increased costs for water damages.
  • Expected raise of the rent during the second half of 2010.

The settlement with the Tenats Association applies from April 1st 2010 to March 31st 2012. For 2011 this means an average raise by 1 percent. In the settlement there is also an agreement in which both parties can request a renegotiation of the rents. This may for example apply if the Swedish Government or the Swedish Parliament decides to raise or lower the costs. If there will be large increase or lowering in the cost of interest and if the new electricity agreement that Bostaden will procure for 2011 will cause noticeably changed costs.


For more information:
Ann-Sofi Tapani
Telephone: 070-582 72 02

Sven-Ove Lindström
Business Developer and In charge of negotiations 
Telephone: 070-621 30 98

Elisabeth Lind
Communications Manager
Telephone: 090-17 75 04 or 070-242 81 42