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17 juni 2010

Bostaden's holiday workers come from all over the world

This summer the outdoor team of Bostaden will get help from twelwe holiday workers from seven different countries.

Just like last year Bostaden will offer holiday work to refugee children who come to Sweden alone. The difference is that there are twelwe of them compared to four last year. Another difference is that the teenagers are placed in couples on different areas. Four of them will work on Ålidhem, two on Carlshem, two on Ersboda, two on Berghem and Haga and two on the Öbacka area.

See what it is like

The teenagers are between 16-19 years old and they will be working for six hours every day during June and July. They come from seven different countries and both China and Brazil are represented, among others. The purpose of working at Bostaden is to see what it is like to work here and also get good chance to be a part of society, where learning the language is very important. To give them the best possible chance to learn the language the will not be working with someone from the same country.

Bostaden wish the best of luck this summer!

Sommarjobbare på Bostaden 2010 

Some of the teenagers that will be working at Bostaden during six weeks this summer