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23 september 2009

Bostaden supports VIPgalan...

... and asks Umeå for help.
This year Bostaden is more actively supporting Öppen Gemenskaps VIPgala by setting up a photo wall and ask, "Hey Umeå, do you want to be involved and help?" Those who want to help Umeås homeless can take a picture of yourself or a friend and send a contribution via MMS. The photo Wall will be on Town Hall Square on Friday and Saturday 4-5 September.

The idea behind the assistance is that life isn´t the same for all citizens in Umeå, some of us are living as homeless. And one could imagine that those of us who have a roof over your head can support those who live without shelter.

Bostaden sets of apartments for socially vulnerable in Umeå and also supports VIPgalan.

Now Bostaden encourages Umeå's inhabitants to make a contribution by taking a picture of yourself or a friend and send it via MMS. on a specific number. Anyone who does not have multimedia function can send SMS messages.


Fakta Öppen Gemenskap och VIPgalan
Öppen gemenskap is a social activity since 1972 engaged in drug treatment work in Umeå. Activities include Öppet hus, outpatient, Anti-homelessness, treatment centers, support to children and other dependents in education and job training.

VIPgalan organized by the Öppen gemenskap together with the Umeå residents for the first time, 2008th VIPgalan is completely non-profit, and anyone who wants to participate will help with what they are willing to give. VIPgalans purpose is to contribute to the Öppen gemenskap development activities for children and adults living in social deprivation in Umeå.

All contributions collected via the collection of the project are earmarked for use in Öppen Gemenskap-activities. 2008 the collected funds was used among others to start a group activity for co-addictives, a shelter, education of children and camp leaders.

More information:
Elisabeth Lind
Head of Communications
Call: 090-17 75 04 or070-242 81 42