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30 april 2015

Barbecue this weekend?

The barbecue season is upon us and during spring and summer the grill is a natural place to gather. Please rememeber to show your neighbours consideration when throwing a barbecue.
If you use an instant grill it is very important to put it out properly before throwing it. Put it out using water and leave it on the ground until you are entirely certain that it has been put out. Once it is cold you can recycle it as metal. The charcoal can be placed in a bag and thrown in the household refuse.

Grilltunna för engångsgrillar

Bins for instant grills

In areas where many students live we have placed green bins where you are able to throw your instant grill. In that way you help us avoid starting a fire in the refuse room. 

Do not  barbecue in your balcony

Since barbecuing can be a fire hazard you are not allowed to barbecue in your balcony. Furthermore the fumes and smoke from the grill can be very disturbing to your neighbours and some people are allergic.

Barbecue in your yard 

Many of our yards have certain areas where you can place your grill. If your yard lacks that kind of area, please remember to place your grill as far away from the house as possible so that smoke and cooking fumes do not disturb your neighbours.

Long live barbecue!