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06 februari 2018

A cheap and smart way to fix up at home

Re-covering furniture is a quick and green way to fix up at home without getting ruined. It also allows you to give your home a personal touch with a unique piece of furniture.

Röd fåtölj i lägenhet 

If you lack a piece of furniture that you wish to re-cover, look at a flea market or maybe in the storage room of some of your relatives.

What you need:

  • A worn piece of furniture
  • A piece of fabric that you like
  • Hammer and tacks
  • A pair of pliers
  • Needles

Start off by carefully removing the old piece of fabric using a pair of pliers. If the upholstery is in bad shape you can cover it with a piece of cotton cloth in order to get a smooth surface, or else a thin layer of padding underneath the new fabric will be enough. Attach the new fabric the way you want it using the needles and then nail it permanently with the hammer and tacks.

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