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Green Citizens of Europe

Bostaden are taking part in a project that will run until 2015. The Green Citizens of Europe project is led by Umeå municipality. Besides Bostaden – who are one of the main players - several other local, regional, national and international partners are also involved. The project has been granted a total of 2.6 million SEK. The money will among other things be used to fund energy efficiency, waste management in residential areas, and new solutions for car pooling. As part of the project, Bostaden will for example be investing more in environmental communication. More measures will be announced later.

Developing Echolog for individual metering of energy consumption

Within the Green Citizens of Europe project, "Sustainable living and housing", Bostaden is developing an apartment display called "Echolog", which will later be tested in several versions for maximum ease of use. The Echolog has a display that shows a tenant’s individual consumption of electricity and hot and cold water in real time. Tenants can also monitor their consumption over time and see statistics, while other interesting services can also be linked to the Echolog. Bostaden is looking at how different types of interactive design can influence and motivate tenants to save more energy. The goal is to show how communication can optimize energy saving in a residential area.

Read more on the Green Citizen website (opens in a new window)

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16 maj 2012

The first interface is now being tested

In collaboration with three student entrepreneurs have an evaluation team that will test the interfaces of the Echolog now been appointed. And at the beginning of week 20 the evaluation team got the first interface, Theme 1.

In total there are four different interfaces to be tested by the evaluation team for about 4-5 months each. In connection with this, the evaluation team first answer a survey, followed by interviews in the end of each test period, in which Bostaden will find out if the evaluation tema have change their opinion of the interface.

Testgränssnitt Echolog - Tema 1

Theme 1 - the first interface to be tested.


16 January 2012

Survey about the Echolog

We conducted a survey of all our tenants who have lived for some time in an apartment equipped with an Echolog. The results will help us in further developing the Echolog’s user interface. We received 87 responses to the 215 surveys that we posted. The results will later be compared with the results of the tests we will do with alternative interfaces. An evaluation group of tenants with an Echolog will test four alternative interfaces. The tests will begin later this spring and continue until mid-2014.

If you would like to participate in the evaluation group, send an e-mail to before the end of February.


Enkätundersökning för Echologen



9 May 2011

Exciting ideas from Interactive Design course students

Students from the Interactive Design course at the Institute of Design in Umeå held interviews and workshops with a group of Bostaden's tenants over a four-week period last year. The tenants who participated have an Echolog display for individual metering installed in their apartments. Tenants have helped with their experience of using the display. On Thursday 24 April, the students presented three very interesting and mutually different design proposals for a user-friendly look of the Echolog display.


Group 1 - GreenLog design                                   Group 2 - EchoClock design


Group 3 - Echolog Puzzle design                           Echolog initial design

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