Stipendiegränd 12 A and 12 B

Starting August 2014, we will refurbish the kitchen, corridor and stairwell at Stipendiegränd 12 A and 12 B. We will start on the left side from the stairwell on all floors. We will let you know when we start refurbishing on the right side of the stairwell.

Why refurbishing?

The kitchen and the corridor will be refurbished because they are worn and need to be freshened up. Cupboards, worktops and stoves in the kitchen are worn as well as the floors and painted surfaces.

During the refurbishment we will

  • Replace all bottom cupboards, refurbish the top cupboards and exchange cupboard doors, sink, mixer tap and work tops.
  • Replace the stove and put in new ventilation above the stove.
  • Put in new floor mats and repaint in the kitchen and the dining room.
  • Put in new floor mats and repaint the ceiling, walls and doors in the corridor as well as repaint the stairwell.
  • Replace the letter boxes at the front door with post boxes at the entrance (this is a demand from the post office).
  • Put in new lighting in all the refurbished spaces and install key tag readers at the entrance and the corridor doors.

How you will be affected

The refurbishments will unfortunately affect you and lead to disturbances, but we hope you will be able to overlook this since they will provide you with a fresher corridor.

All kitchens on all three floors in half of the building will be closed during the refurbishing, approximately 9 weeks for each side of the stairwell. During this time you will be able to use the kitchen on the other side of the stairwell. Refrigerators, freezers and micro waves will be placed in the dining room (TV room) or in the corridor during the refurbishing of the kitchen.

There will also be some disturbances when we are replacing the floor mats and repainting the corridor and the doors to all the rooms. However, you will always have access to your own room.

Will I get rent reduction due to disturbances during the refurbishing?

Yes. How big the reduction will be is being negotiated with the Tenants’ Association.

Will my rent increase after the refurbishing? 


I have questions, who can I contact?

Please contact Area Manager Nils-Erik Andersson at 070-629 75 72 or Sture Bäckman, Project Manager, at 070-346 23 89.


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