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Senior housing

Senior housing are normal apartments but with more spacious bathrooms and access to communal areas. You can express interest in these when you turn 60 years old. 

Senior housing with Bostaden

You can read more about where our senior housing is located and how to express an interest further down the page.


Senior housing and retirement homes – not the same thing

It is important not to confuse senior housing with retirement homes. Senior housing are normal apartments but with more spacious bathrooms and access to communal areas.

If you can no longer stay in your home because of your care needs, you can apply to Umeå municipality to move into a retirement home.


Here you can see the locations of our apartments for seniors

Click on the image to see a larger version


More senior apartments are available for rent via Trappan i Obbola.


What to do if you are interested in senior housing


1. Register a personal page at the top right

If you do not have access to a computer, you are most welcome to telephone or visit our Customer service centre for personal assistance. We also have customer computers where you can search among our vacant accommodation. We will be happy to show you how our online rental works!

2. Become a priority move customer

From the year you turn 60, you are eligible for the priority customer service for senior housing when you create a personal page. To access this, you must enter Priority customer service for senior housing on your personal page and register your interest. We then search for vacant apartments for you and let you know when a suitable one is available to view. The priority move offer is sent out to eight people. Those who have been registered the longest, are placed higher up the list.

3. Accept or decline within three days

Once you receive an offer, you have three days to accept or decline. You do so either on your personal page or via our Customer service centre. Your personal page also displays the name and phone number of the person showing the accommodation. Here you can also see your position on the list and see if you are advancing.

If you accept and get the apartment, your confirmation is binding and you are obligated to pay rent from the day of moving in. Once you have received accommodation your registration date is reset, but you immediately start collecting new time. Your registration date is also reset if you are part of a contract as a co-tenant, or if you have received your contract by direct exchange with another tenant

Note that the priority customer service for senior housing will expire if you decline three first-place offers. Therefore, it is important that you specify your preferences as far as possible.

4. Sign an environmentally friendly e-contract instead of a paper contract

If you get the accommodation, we will make a credit request that must be approved. An electronic contract (e-contract) then appears on your personal page. Instead of signing a paper contract, you simply sign the e-contract using your user name and password. With e-contracts, you help us reduce paper consumption, which is an important part of our environmental program.

Find more information under Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to contact our Customer service centre for personal assistance.




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