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Student housing

We offer both regular housing and student housing. The only differnce between these is that we only offer student housing to students admitted to Umeå University or SLU in Umeå. If you want to apply for student housing you have to confirm that you are admitted and are studying at least 15 credits per term.

We have two types of student housing: single rooms in dorms and apartments. Single rooms are most common. As a student you are also able to rent some of our other regular apartments.

How to search for student housing

Register/create a personal page

Start by creating (registering) a personal page. Once you have done so your important queue time starts and you are able to apply for housing.  

To be able to apply for student housing

If you want to apply for student housing you must be admitted to Umeå University or SLU in Umeå. You have to study at least 15 credits per term. Please note that you are able to create (register) a personal page before being admitted.

Date of registration 

Your date of registration is reset once you have acquired a flat. That does not apply if you get your first dorm contract, then you get to keep your date of registration.

Two types of student housing 

There are two types of student housing: single rooms (dorms) and student apartments. Single rooms (dorms) are most common. As a student you can of course also choose to rent any of our regular apartments.

Single rooms

What is included?

Our single rooms are furnished with basic furniture. The annual rent is divided into ten months which means that you do not have to pay any rent during June and July. Heating, water, electricity and cable-TV are included in the rent. All of our single rooms are provided with Internet connections through Kommunicera.

The single rooms come in different varieties but most have private showers and shared kitchens. We also have single rooms with shared kitchens and shared showers as well as single rooms that have their own kitchenette and private shower. If you rent a single room that has a shared kitchen you are provided with a lockable cupboard where you can store your food, crockery and so on. Crockery, kitchen utensils and cleaning equipment are not included.

What rules are there? 

All tenants who live in the dorm are responsible for cleaning up all the common areas such as the corridor, the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, the sauna and so on. You are not allowed to smoke or have pets in any of the common areas. Due to allergies you should not have pets or smoke in your own room either. In case you do we may charge you for the renovation.

Furthermore, you should keep the volume down during nights and evenings and look after your room. Living in a single room is an interesting experience since you share areas like the kitchen, living room, and dorm and in some cases also the shower with 4–13 other students. But this also means that you have to take on responsibility and show the other students respect when it comes to cleaning, sound level, culture etcetera. All of our single rooms are suitable for one person only.

Student apartments

Our student apartments are available from one room apartments up to four room apartments and some of them are furnished. The annual rent is in most cases divided into twelve months, but there are exceptions. Heating, water and cable-TV are mostly included. In some flats the cost for electricity is additional and you have to subscribe for it yourself. In some apartments the cost for heating is additional (Historiegränd 1 A–Ä). For information about Internet connection, please visit Bostnet.




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